Our second case study, with Rabbis Matthew Gewirtz and Karen Perolman of Congregation B’nai Jeshurun of Short Hills, New Jersey, looks at how a large and successful synagogue goes about embarking on innovative ventures. As you listen to the case study, compare how Rabbis Gewirtz and Perolman think and act with how Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp thinks and acts in a very different kind of synagogue. How are they similar, and how are they different?


This case study focuses on one particular innovation — a reimagined approach to religious school — rather than a full-scale re-invention of the synagogue; however, you should know that this synagogue is a serial innovator and tends to launch something new every year, including a program for young professionals in New York City (even though the synagogue is in New Jersey) and an app that will deliver a daily piece of Jewish wisdom.

SPARK Case Study: Congregation B'nai Jeshurun - Rabbis Karen Perolman and Matt Gewirtz
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You can learn more about the synagogue here.

And you can hear more from Rabbi Gewirtz on the Judaism Unbound podcast telling the story of Tribe, the program for young professionals by clicking here.